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Next Generation Leadership

1. Development of Children's Potentiality and Aptitude Program

We provide lots of knowledge for children's character, temperament, potential ability, interpersonal relationship, and aptitude. By using detailed data, children can find a suitable pathway to success in life and work.


2. Developing Children's Interpersonal Relationships and Leadership Abilities Program

We provide this program for next-generation leaders, which will be helpful for the adolescent age group who might have many conflicts and emotional crises in one's life. 



3. Solving Conflicts Between Parent and Child

We provide the most accurate knowledge for children so the parent can have an exact understanding of their children which can be very helpful for parent and child's relationship. We also provide a program to solve conflicts between parent and child.





조직은 사람이 움직이고
사람은 심리가 움직인다.
Greatest Happiness to All Parents is Seeing Their Children's Healthy Growth  

Today, having a personal potential ability and creativeness is the most important power.

Therefore, the most important first step to grow as one's ability is to prepare for scientific and future oriented information for one's self.

We can gain our successful power by attaining detailed information for oneself. Mind & Co. and Dr. Yang's Psychiatric Clinic can provide the best information method of using intermixture psychology.

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