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조직은 사람이 움직이고
사람은 심리가 움직인다.

Our core sectors of expertise are professional services, financial services markets, technology and outsourcing.

The system is moved by a person; a person is moved by their psychology

Dr. Yang's clinic has a rich history of coaching various corporate entities and leaders, adhering to the guiding principle that 'the system is moved by a person; a person is moved by their psychology.'

Our program is excellently positioned to provide effective solutions for resolving interpersonal conflicts within your company and identifying key leaders capable of revitalizing fundamental leadership principles throughout your organization.

Corporate Clients

1. Identifying key team members and providing leadership coaching.

We offer in-depth data analysis on the character and temperament traits, core potential, leadership abilities, creativity, and interpersonal relationship skills of key personnel. This empowers us to aid corporations in the selection of the right candidates and to provide tailored guidance programs for these key personnel to develop into respected leaders.


2. Resolving interpersonal conflicts among employees.

We offer a program designed to effectively resolve interpersonal conflicts among company members, fostering a harmonious work environment and facilitating mutual understanding within the organization.


3. Stress and emotion management techniques.

By gaining control over the inevitable stress in both life and work, an employee can unlock and enhance their core capabilities, power, and creativity. In our program, we provide effective stress management solutions tailored for leaders and key personnel.


4. Navigating through leadership crises, ultimately unveiling a leader's true potential.

The crisis and emotional trauma of a leader can significantly impact a company's environment. Hence, we offer an immediate solution to address and remedy a leader's emotional crisis. Given that leaders often have limited time for self-evaluation, our one-time core program offers comprehensive insights, enabling leaders to gain a deep understanding of themselves and discover innovative solutions in a single program session.


5. Leadership program for future leader candidates

We offer an abundance of knowledge for those seeking to excel as respected leaders. Our knowledge program empowers individuals to fully utilize their leadership potential and effectively demonstrate their leadership abilities.




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