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조직은 사람이 움직이고
사람은 심리가 움직인다.

Our core sectors of expertise are professional services, financial services markets, technology and outsourcing.

System is moved by a person and a person is moved by his psychology

Mind & Co. and Dr. Yang's Psychiatric Clinic are very experienced in coaching many corporate companies and leaders with a catch phrase "system is moved by a person and a person is moved by his psychology."

Therefore, we can secure the effective method to solve interpersonal conflicts within the company

and choose the key leaders who can effectively lead the company to recharge the basics of leadership to all employees.

Corporate Clients

1. Selection of Key Personnel and Leadership Directing Program

We provide detailed data information about key personnel's character & temperament traits, core potential & leadership ability, creativity, and interpersonal relationship skills. Therefore, we help the corporations to select the proper candidates and provide guidance program for key personnel to grow as a respectable leader.


2. Solution Program for Interpersonal Conflicts Between Employees

We provide a program that solves interpersonal conflicts between company members. The program will allow the company to experience healthy working environment and have mutual understandings.


3. Management of Stress and Emotion Program

If we could control inevitable stress in life and work, we can improve our core, power, and creativity potentials, In this program, we provide the solutional method for management of stress for leaders and key personnel.


4. Management of Emotional and Leadership Crisis; Discovery of Leader's Ability Program

The crisis and emotional trauma could affect the environment of the company. Therefore, we provide a solution to urgently cure the leader's emotional crisis. Typically leaders are very busy with insufficient time to evaluate their minds and there is a one-time core program we provide for leaders. They can receive detailed information to understand about themselves and find a new solution from taking the program just once.


5. Development of Leadership Program for Future Successful Leader Candidates

We provide abundant information for those who would like to exert as a respectable leader. He or She can express one's ability as a leader by using this knowledge program.




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